What does being Undetectable mean to you?    

A Foe attempts an attack on you out of nowhereWhat do you do?

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not fighting crime?

Pick the word (characteristic) that describes you best:

What’s your favorite song?

What’s your Kryptonite (the Foe that takes away your power)? 

How do you stay healthy?

You are Virgil! 
A protector of your community, you are passionate about educating others about safe drug use and HIV prevention. You spend your free time watching Kung Fu classics and practicing martial arts. 
You are Tenille!
You love doing your own thing, but you also have some great new friends in The Undetectables. You love listening to hardcore rock or hip-hop  AND practicing your hardcore fight moves
You are Spirit!
You know you are fabulous, especially with your glamorous wings that help you defeat the bad guys and then get you flying off to the Kiki ball in record time. You’re outgoing and sharp - always one step ahead.
You are Terrance!
You’re the cutest of The Undetectables, and you make sure the rest of the crew knows it. You spend weekends snuggling with your boo, when you’re not saving the local youth from the evil powers of Denial, Fear, and all of those other Foes.
You are Joyce!
You are the loudest and proudest of your crew. You may be in a wheelchair, but you’re unstoppable. You’re never afraid to speak up and say what’s on your mind if it means protecting The Undetectables or anyone else who needs your help.
It's a tie!